White Sand Beaches of Imaginary Thailand

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I was in a hostel in some third world country. I imagined it was Thailand though I’ve never been. The city was a bustle with people, old cars, and food stands. People were heading to the beach. I was in a range rover driving from the hostel down the street. I watched some tourists stop to get a fruit Popsicle. They complained that chicken juice had gotten on their watermelon Popsicle. It was dreadfully hot so the complaint was moot. The townspeople were a blur of Thai while the tourists looked like California girls. Dark, crimpy hair, bikinis under their shirts, daisy dukes, and nose piercings. When we got to the hill with the pedestrian path to the beach, I got out of the car and hopped into a wagon. People were walking down the street which eventually turned to sand. I sat in the wagon and put my foot down to slow it’s descent. The path was steep and long like Salt Creek. I picked up speed tried to stop too fast. I went flying out of the wagon and did a cartwheel in the air. I landed on my feet. I apologized to anyone nearby who may have been hit by sand. I started walking down the beach towards the right. There were some large rocks that created an intense pulling sensation in the shorebreak. I saw several old friends but they were asleep on the beach so I walked past them. I was pulled at by the water. Then I woke up.



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I dreamt that I ordered a bunch of deep dish pizzas from Dominos. I ate so much. It was ridiculous. Damn you real world diet.


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I had this dream while I was traveling. It was all in Spanish. I’m not sure if it were real Spanish or not however. Basically I was on a talkshow discussing this new cover band called the Fab 4 who does Beatles covers in Spanish. It was interesting.

Surf Movie

I had a dream that I was surfing with a friend I met in Peru. In this dream we decided to make a surf documentary. The waves were gorgeous and the weather cold and foggy.


I dreamt I was scuba diving. I had just learned. All of a sudden my lungs started filling up with water. I was drowning.


I woke up in a world in which my girlfriend was a lesbian. We never dated and she never loved me. Instead she had been dating women her entire life and had great rapport with them and just wanted to get away from me.


I was just vomiting and that was the entire dream.


My good friend got his girlfriend got pregnant. They decided to keep it. I was shocked and trying to convince them not to. It was a shotgun wedding scenario.


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I talked long into the night with a friend of mine. She recommended a Hawaiian themed hotel in Santa Barbara, CA on the beach called Mauslauluau (mao-sla-ow-lu-ow). So we decided to go. We had a great time and it happened to be Floatopia on the beaches. There was much wandering around and festivities. When I woke I had trouble deciphering whether or not this ever happened.

Jungle Juice

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I was in the kitchen making jungle juice for the holidays.

2 16oz Red Bulls

16oz Monster

2L Hawaiian Punch

32oz Lemon Lime Gatorade

750ml Agwa

750ml Everclear

Other variations involved orange juice or different gatorades.


•November 25, 2009 • 1 Comment

I am sitting in a high school classroom portable. The chairs are stiff and have many iron bars. I am trying to conjugate the word ‘blue’. I move onto many other Spanish words. I realize this is too difficult and toss the paper aside. The papers scatter briefly but land in one pile. I decide I should retry the assignment. The paper is gone. I search the classroom but it is nowhere to be found.

Zombies in the Mall

•November 17, 2009 • 2 Comments

I was in a mall off Insurgentes near Bombilla Metrobus Station in D.F. The place had been overrun by zombies. There were few if any humans left down in the corner. I believe they were trying to hold themselves off in a bakery. I was on the 3rd floor while they were on the ground level. I tried to make it to them but was ambushed by a zombie hiding in a dark hallway. When I rounded the corner he saw me. He was faster than me but not fast enough to keep up. I ran up a random stairwell and it went straight up for what seemed like forever. The whole time the zombie could just about grab my shoulder from behind. When I got to the corner I saw a sign that said hide here. I jumped into the vent which was underneath the sign. The zombie was jettisoned out of the building while I was returned down to the 3rd floor. I kept luring zombies up the stairwell and getting rid of them.