Sing on the hills of flame

I pull into a beach/rest stop. The parking lot and park area is clearly on the left and the slope leading to the oceans on the right. It feels like the standard rest stop except with more trees and less concrete. I park my Grand Marquis in the corner spot. I pull 2 bags of Calzone and one of salad out of the backseat. Two people approach me, one I recognize it looks like Mr. Logan and the other wears a suit and a monocle. They want me to feed them, so together we bury the food on the slope. I sit down among these 2 and many others, some of which look like people I knew in high school. The slope is ~50ft long and incredibly steep, almost vertical. The slope consists of sage and desert sand similar to Death Valley. The group sitting on the slope sings while someone at the bottom of the hill lights the sage on fire. The sage doesn’t burn well and burns around the people. After the fire is put out I dig the food back up  from a dark sand/mud. The food inside the bag looks mushy. I go back to my car.


~ by Aaron on December 26, 2007.

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