Stirred up memories

When I was writing about the dream “Sing on the hills of flame”, I remembered another dream.

I was at a beach situated between 2 bluffs. The beach itself was flat but had a steep drop off to the ocean. I was futzing about climbing up the right side bluff. I was trudging up it trying to avoid the giant waves.

I have been to this beach of dreams on several occasions. Another time I played in the water and another I played on the shore.

When I was in the water, I swam ridiculously far out. The water was a clean silver green. There were colored rocks that you could see on the floor. There was coral too. The waves that came were huge. Luckily the set was well spaced. I think there was a shark that I had to outrun. Either way the setting was gorgeous.

When I was on the shore, I was playing the shorebreak. I recall riding it up and down the slope. An obscene swell threw me up the slope and past/through all the peoples things on the beach. I rolled helplessly into other peoples beach stuff.


~ by Aaron on December 26, 2007.

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