Blue Dog’s Eye

As we canoed into a sacred grove that was once ransacked for the Blue Dog’s Eye we exchanged tales. One story was of the man who took part of San Clemente and tried to turn it into an island. As we coasted over the ocean around the island similar to Mexico and Catalina. The water was a clear blue green and beneath the surface you could watch the green foliage similar to desert chaparral grow wildly and fast. Besides the foliage, gnarled driftwood trees exploded like serpents. As we entered the bay we saw natives harvesting. One hill had what looked like agave plants in the shape of a balloon dog with blue flowers where its eyes should have been. We were instructed on how to pick the plant by someone who looked like my Archaeology Professor. We all sat Indian style near each other and were told about the plant we held. The fruit we picked looked like an agave colored artichoke. The artichoke features were more exaggerated into a sharp points and had no stem. If you squished and rolled your hands you could peal off the outer leaves and be exposed to the core which was an orange red and conical. Throughout the fruit were scattered seeds, similar to a prickly pear, which were the size, shape, and color of edamame. The Blue Dog’s Eye fruit was not only tasty and sweet but very nutritious. It was said that the first plant sparkled with the glory of the sun. The fruit is similar to a poppy seed in that it is a narcotic. It is used in native ceremonies and divination for its hallucinogenic properties.


~ by Aaron on December 31, 2007.

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