Before I went to bed, I thought about wandering the world aimlessly, drifting through countries and jobs with no plan.

I was scaling everest with Mr. Goodwin. We were essentially lost in the giant snow peaks. A path shot off to the side so we took it, seeing a man further down. I asked this person wrapped up looking like an eskimo for help and he mumbled. So I followed him regardless of his desire to help. He took us to the edge of an ice cave. The floor of the ice cave was littered with couches and trinkets of others who had come this way before and not made it. I noticed many objects in there. There was Malibu, Smirnoff, and a cherry wine. The cave ended in a door after miles of crawling. Beyond this door was an apartment. It was cast in yellow light and furnished with decades old furniture. It was also cluttered like the cave. I opened the front door to the apartment and looked into a hallway similar of large apartment buildings. I found out the complex was called Loyalty and the eskimo was actually Mr. Loica-Mersa. He handed me a backpack at my request to go retrieve some of the meaningful clutter. I went back out into the ice cave collecting things.


~ by Aaron on January 2, 2008.

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