Not your average library.

I park my gold Grand Marq on the right side of the street pointing toward the library. My mate V and I get out of the car and head towards it. We go in, I am wearing leopard print boxers and he is wearing black hobo/gangster gear. We hang out near the computers next to the study cubicles. After futzing about for a few minutes we jet. As we are leaving there is a cop in stereotypical concert guard garb. He searches people intermittently as they exit. He comments on V’s flasks in his jacket. V lets him know he’s a bartender and all is well. We walk towards the car but it has moved, it is now on the side of a hill facing down the street. The hill is covered in green grass and reminds me of a park in San Francisco. Once we get to the car, V hops in and I notice a bean bag sale down the hill and across the street. So I go for it. Once I get down the hill I notice to weirdos hanging around near some puppies tied to the sidewalk. They bite me, a sharp needle like pain. I turn back and my car is parked where it was originally. I head towards it and get out of there. Cue daylight.


~ by Aaron on January 20, 2008.

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