Serial killers love the desert.

So I learned a valuable lesson, never talk about Black Star Canyon before going to bed.

I was in an RV in the middle of a desert similar to the Mojave or Casper’s park. There were 2 or 3 guys watching a football game in the living room area. There were quite a few people in the RV. They started mentioning a serial killer who once came upon a similar RV and starved the people in the vehicle, cooked them by the heat of the sun, and sealed of the ventilation and exits. At this point the serial killer appears and starts his dirty deed. He starts locking them in the rooms and not letting them out. Luckily they have some water and air which he quickly disposes of. The guys in the living room mention that unfortunately this RV/trailer is different. I watch the killer rip off the bathroom and other sources of water and he fully seals these people in. The people are now slowly running out of air and heating up. He does this systematically and every flaw they mention he enacts. I decide to try and hide in a storage closet between the kitchen and the living room. Only the 2 in the living room and myself are left. The killer has now made his presence known to the others. I am able to escape while the other 2 hide in a nearby truck. I watch from a distance the rest of the dream. One of them is ethnic looking and shifts between Caucasian and African descent. The other guy is similar but is consistently Caucasian. The shape-shifter goes after the killer in hopes of surprising him and knocking him unconscious with a blunt object. The killer is digging in the ground looking for rabbits to eat. He has 5 or 6 near him. When the shape-shifter is about to strike he notices and bashes him down. The killer stakes him down and says,

“You’re not black.

You’re Jesus.

You’ll sing on my farm…and dance.”

As he nails in the last stake and the prisoner looks up at him preparing to die,

“And just like Jesus,

You’re coming back”

It’s at this point that I pull myself away and out of the dream.


~ by Aaron on January 30, 2008.

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