The Great Green God

I was wearing brown suit-like clothes and a fedor while driving the gold marquis through an area in the wilderness of San Juan Capistrano near a man built run off or creek to the square white apartment complex. Assassins are moving through the apartment complex to kill everyone there. I’m able to run through this scenario until no one dies. I stop a girl from leaving by shouting at her from the roof. She is wearing scantily clad armor. She drops a red glass orb. Ninjas start flooding into the building. I fight them with a curtain rod as a staff and kill them. I fight so fast that it sucks them into the room towards me. After that I run into a French style palace and find a small blonde female sorceress in white and a giant muscular man who want to fight me. I must figure out the puzzle before they do. I run and leap over them. Things are being put in motion. I must plant the cross in the ground. I find a key and it opens a secret staircase. I run down it and the others can; use it. I make it down and run across the courtyard. I find two green torches which thaw and then I take them. I run back, jumping and dodging obstacles and spinning platforms. As I’m running back the other two make it. I leap and bound up the staircase. I find the stone pillar and plant the torches. A throne appears and I am able to sit in it just as the other two enter the room. I am given the great green god Azaroth’s power. I choose to remake the world and undo the death of the women I love who I saved at the beginning of the dream which allowed me the god powers. I am glad in my throne and able to return to the brunette in the scantily clad armor and show her the errors she’s made before.


~ by Aaron on October 30, 2009.

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