I had this dream while I was traveling. It was all in Spanish. I’m not sure if it were real Spanish or not however. Basically I was on a talkshow discussing this new cover band called the Fab 4 who does Beatles covers in Spanish. It was interesting.

Surf Movie

I had a dream that I was surfing with a friend I met in Peru. In this dream we decided to make a surf documentary. The waves were gorgeous and the weather cold and foggy.


I dreamt I was scuba diving. I had just learned. All of a sudden my lungs started filling up with water. I was drowning.


I woke up in a world in which my girlfriend was a lesbian. We never dated and she never loved me. Instead she had been dating women her entire life and had great rapport with them and just wanted to get away from me.


I was just vomiting and that was the entire dream.


My good friend got his girlfriend got pregnant. They decided to keep it. I was shocked and trying to convince them not to. It was a shotgun wedding scenario.


~ by Aaron on June 4, 2010.

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