White Sand Beaches of Imaginary Thailand

I was in a hostel in some third world country. I imagined it was Thailand though I’ve never been. The city was a bustle with people, old cars, and food stands. People were heading to the beach. I was in a range rover driving from the hostel down the street. I watched some tourists stop to get a fruit Popsicle. They complained that chicken juice had gotten on their watermelon Popsicle. It was dreadfully hot so the complaint was moot. The townspeople were a blur of Thai while the tourists looked like California girls. Dark, crimpy hair, bikinis under their shirts, daisy dukes, and nose piercings. When we got to the hill with the pedestrian path to the beach, I got out of the car and hopped into a wagon. People were walking down the street which eventually turned to sand. I sat in the wagon and put my foot down to slow it’s descent. The path was steep and long like Salt Creek. I picked up speed tried to stop too fast. I went flying out of the wagon and did a cartwheel in the air. I landed on my feet. I apologized to anyone nearby who may have been hit by sand. I started walking down the beach towards the right. There were some large rocks that created an intense pulling sensation in the shorebreak. I saw several old friends but they were asleep on the beach so I walked past them. I was pulled at by the water. Then I woke up.


~ by Aaron on June 18, 2010.

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