The Indian on the Mountain

•November 15, 2009 • 1 Comment

I was running up hill through a mountain village. This mountain village was old and underdeveloped. The roads were mud and the houses were boards nailed together. The roofs were straw and logs woven together in an age old tradition. The fences were tin and other pieces of junk put together in a ramshackle way. The village was colored in nature; browns and blues. It was situated in a forest on a steep hill. It wasn’t meant for cars and I never saw any. I was young, maybe 10 years old and I had long black hair with dirty red skin. I was running for my life. A white man with a mustache wearing plaid was chasing me, trying to find me. I was hiding and scrambling through ever nook and cranny to avoid him. He wanted me dead. I hid on roofs, behind fenses, and under beds but he found me. He confronted me in an empty cabin room and then I woke up.


The Great Green God

•October 30, 2009 • 1 Comment

I was wearing brown suit-like clothes and a fedor while driving the gold marquis through an area in the wilderness of San Juan Capistrano near a man built run off or creek to the square white apartment complex. Assassins are moving through the apartment complex to kill everyone there. I’m able to run through this scenario until no one dies. I stop a girl from leaving by shouting at her from the roof. She is wearing scantily clad armor. She drops a red glass orb. Ninjas start flooding into the building. I fight them with a curtain rod as a staff and kill them. I fight so fast that it sucks them into the room towards me. After that I run into a French style palace and find a small blonde female sorceress in white and a giant muscular man who want to fight me. I must figure out the puzzle before they do. I run and leap over them. Things are being put in motion. I must plant the cross in the ground. I find a key and it opens a secret staircase. I run down it and the others can; use it. I make it down and run across the courtyard. I find two green torches which thaw and then I take them. I run back, jumping and dodging obstacles and spinning platforms. As I’m running back the other two make it. I leap and bound up the staircase. I find the stone pillar and plant the torches. A throne appears and I am able to sit in it just as the other two enter the room. I am given the great green god Azaroth’s power. I choose to remake the world and undo the death of the women I love who I saved at the beginning of the dream which allowed me the god powers. I am glad in my throne and able to return to the brunette in the scantily clad armor and show her the errors she’s made before.

Canoeing Around the World

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I dreamed that my friend Cory had decided to canoe around the world. He had just recently canoed to Japan and around South America. His latest trip was to Canada from California. I agreed to go with him for part of the journey as I had car waiting. We made it to Lake Victoria from Southern California. We dragged the canoe up from the shoreline and walked over to a gas station where a boxy car was waiting. We were supposed to just kick it until his friends showed up. We decided to grab some grub. Unfortunately the town was so small that we couldn’t find a restaurant nor any people. Eventually 2 gas station attendants came back and we talked with them. I was harassed by a possum and I had to kill it. That was the weirdest part.

Helping the Handicapped

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I am no myself. My skin is a cinnamon cafe. I am tall and lanky. I have a black pencil moustache and I am clothed in a yellow and blue striped shirt with blue jeans held up by a black belt. I have brown eyes and black hair. My face is angular and topped with a flat top. I wait outside the store for the elederly old man in the wheelchair. It is my job to walk him through the store. He arrives and I push him. We go up a ramp that seems to lasts forever.


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I am a paladin on the battlefield. I cleave through everyone who stands in front of me with my broadsword. A wizard on the hill calls me up to him. I leave my allies in the fray. We reach the hill and find the mirrored gate cracked, the mystical flute broken, and the magical bow dashed. We head up to the hill where the stone gates are. The wizard opens the gates and we walk through the crypts. The floor is uneven and the stones jut up at random. We look down on the sacred square where the skeletons of once powerful priest mages stand. We travel down to them and reanimate one. He fixes what was broken and we travel through the mirrored gate into the underworld.

Lincoln is Back

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What if Lincoln came back? Abe would wander the streets and wonder what happened in those many years following that solitary gunshot. He would try to visit the theater where he met his demise. He might walk across the street to a sandwich shop and make his favorite presidential sandwich. He maybe mistaken for a college dean playing a lark. That college dean might pass Abe as the deans name is called. Abe would move on confident in himself as he took his balcony seat.

Beaches & Prisons

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I sit on the beach under a Caribbean sun. The police come in like leaves on a storm. They haul me out of my chair and take me away. I glance back at the ocean. They take me to a prison. The walls are tall and the place is sad but the light of the Caribbean shines in. I see and long to be back outside. The prison overlooks the ocean and I make my escape. I run down the coast and into the ocean. I swim in the shallows back to where I was arrested. It wasn’t very far. I am free. I go into town and express my freedom to close friends. I am in a cantina, the fans spin overhead, the walls are yellow, and the chairs old and wooden. My friend expresses fright at me escaping. I express victory.